Business Planning

There are a number of situations where life insurance can be a useful tool in protecting your business. Whether your business is a start-up, a well-established third-generation family business or a growing company poised for an IPO, properly structured life insurance planning can be a simple solution to complex problems.

At Thomas Brady & Associates we frequently meet with business owners to discuss how their business fits into their overall estate plan, and what types of strategies other owners consider to protect their most valuable asset. These strategies include succession planning, key person coverage, buy-sell agreements and nonqualified executive planning concepts (like deferred compensation, SERPs and restricted bonus arrangements) that allow highly compensated executives and/or family business owners to do additional planning beyond their qualified retirement plans.

We have also developed a sub-specialty niche within the sports team management sphere. We work closely with professional sports team executives to provide high limit athlete contract protection to insure against season or career ending injuries with significant financial ramifications to the team.