Policy Review and Placement

Much like the importance of reviewing and researching any other investment in a financial portfolio, there are many variables that need to be carefully monitored in order to maintain the overall good health and performance of an insurance policy. Significant changes across the insurance industry over the past few years have created highly competitive pricing, better products and enhanced opportunities. Changes to interest rates have also caused existing policies to underperform based on what was originally illustrated. Whether a policy is owned by the insured or by a trustee on behalf of trust beneficiaries, the policy should be viewed as an important asset in the client’s comprehensive portfolio.

At Thomas Brady & Associates we encourage all of our clients to have their life insurance policies reviewed on an annual or bi-annual basis. We make the same suggestion when we are consulting with lawyers and other individuals or corporations who are serving as trustee of a trust which owns one or more insurance policies.  We have created an impressive proprietary report that we prepare for each policy or trust portfolio and we do not charge for the review of the policies or the preparation of the report.

In many cases, policy reviews uncover several areas where improvements can be made that will benefit the clients and their families. Changes in medical history, life expectancy, insurance company, products being offered in the market, preventative care and risk level create an environment where policy modifications may result in reduced premium payments, greater death benefit and/or more certain death benefit.

Whether you are an individual owner of a policy with a desire to protect your investment and your family, or you are a trustee with a fiduciary responsibility to both the settlor of the trust and the trust beneficiaries, a policy review will keep you informed and prepared to make the necessary decisions regarding the maintenance of the policy.

Comprehensive Policy Review Request Form (PDF)